Toilet Paper Soaked with Vinegar: 80% Solution of your Problems….Find out Why!

Since always people used Apple cider vinegar like a cure for everything. They cleaned the house with it, and cure some diseases and etc.

There are a lot of households which are still cleaning with vinegar, it is used because vinegar can kill bacteria and people use it for disinfection.

In this article we are going to present you that the bacteria can enter in the human life and will cause you problems, but when you consume vinegar you will kill the bad bacteria and your organism will be clean again.

As an alternative we attempted to use sulfur and mercury-based solutions, but research it was noted that it has long been coming using vinegar thanks to its effective results.

This is because the acetic acid is a great disinfectant and the same is contained in the vinegar regularly used in the kitchen.

Take a look on the video in addition.


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