Personality Test What Your Nails Say About You

Very one of us has different nails shape, each one of them is very special. In addition to this post we are going to present you the most common nail forms which are found in our environment so you can recognize some of them.

  1. Vertically Elongated

In case your nails are in this shape that you are extremely romantic and you will use the right side of the brain which proves that you are imaginative person, creative and meticulous. You can be easily fooled and you need to be careful about that.

  1. Wide sideways

This type of nails presents the bad tempered people. You are powerful and you use the left side, so you have simple and clear impression. You have less self-control which is because of your weak patience.

  1. And
  2. Form egg

In case your nails are like this means you are pacifist person and relaxed. You will act like a mediator when the people fight all around you.

  1. Square

In case you have square nails you are courageous, strong person who is the leader and you are serious.

  1. Normal and reverse

You are extremely smart person and you always notice the little details in things that others can’t. Those with inverted triangle shape of the nails can be slightly aggressive. On the other hand, those with normal triangle are too sensitive and don’t like nosey people in their surroundings. At last, you are usually annoyed by people who are too relaxed to do things on their own step.

  1. and
  2. almond

These people are trusted and honest. They are always good friends and they have bright imagination. You are very polite and courteous.

  1. Espada

Due to the fact that you are very ambitious, you won’t hesitate to work hard to achieve your goals. You will do anything that will move you towards the morals, even if you don’t like it at all. However, you need to collaborate. Relaxed people make you feel uncomfortable because they can’t keep up with you. The best solution for you is to try to work on your ability to work in teams.


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