Avoid These 10 Foods To Avoid Worse Joint Pain

The pain in the joints is very painful and difficult to bare. It cause great pain no matter of the age and gender.

The pain is caused from different causes from acute to chronic. The main cause are gout and arthritis and injuries leukemia broken or dislocated bones fbromyalgia and strained muscles.

In adition to this post we are going to present you the foods which you need to avoud in order to eliminate the pain.

1. Sugar and artificial sugars

The excess sugar intake will cause you inflammation. It will leads to pressure on the joints and weight gain.
In case you drink too muh soda you need to stop doing it. It will contrbute to the occurence of arthritis in women. You need to use Stevia molasses and honey.

2. Red and processed meat

Red meats are filled with chemica and purine and nitrate which will give you aggravate the pain and inflammation and also toxins. It will also support the cancer growth and will worsen the inflammation.

3. Eggs

In case you consume too much eggs will lead to the inflammation and swelling. The yolk aggravates the inflammation and it is fulled with acids whihc will cause inflammation.

4. Beer

The excess inate of alcohol even beer and negative effects in the joint. It contains uric acid which is determental to joint pain. Contains also gluten which is very harmful to fragille joints.

5. Dairy products

This products will give you worst situation and they are high in protein. Dairy products will give you joint tissues. You need to consume almond soy milk tofy or margarine.

6. Grains and refined flour

This contains glycemic index which stimulates AGEs an will support the inflammation. It has been proven that will increase the chronic autoimmune diseases and the risk of heart problems.

7. Monosodium glutamate foods

This ingredient will improve the food’s flavor but is very harmful.

8. Whey proteins

The inflammation is aggravated with casein and gluten. It products uric acid which will lead to joint and inflammation. This condition is known as a gout and people are prone to it in case you have gluten sensivity.

9. Corn Oil

this is the oil whihc contains 6 acids which are very dangerous to our health. You need to avoid soy peanuts, salad dressings grape seeds and safflower oil. You need to keep with the intake of the omega acids.

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