Why You Should Never Put Another Can Of Red Bull Near Your Mouth Again

Energy drinks are very popular nowadays, and most of the population use it. They are very easy to hold off, and taste delicious and will need energy which kick.

Energy drinks originate from Japan, and they will enhance the sports performance and will keep the Japanese on the top. They were great hit and he Europe caught on quickly as Red Bull was developed In Austria and become a hit in 1980’s.

It is the first energy drink which is introduced to USA.  USA now is the leading consumer of energy drinks.

It is energy drink because it consist caffeine and different ingredients like taurine, guarana and B vitamins, which are dangerous for the health.

A lot of people consume energy drinks because of the caffeine, but when it is in energy drinks it is dangerous amount and you should consume only one.

Different studies presented that the caffeine has adverse side effects on the cardiovascular system. Caffeine has also been argued to have similar characteristics to certain drugs such as alcohol or smoking as research has shown the side effects caffeine withdrawal may have. ‘A population-based serve revealed that 30% of a sample of 162 caffeine users fulfilled diagnostic criteria for substance dependence when applied to caffeine’, further proving the addictive side to energy drinks.

The symptoms of the caffeine bad effects are headaches, nausea, fatigue, bad mood, difficulty with the concentration and depression.

Niacin is also famous with the name B3. It cause negative influence on the liver, even liver failure.

Also some people make a link of hepatitis with energy drinks.

The researchers diagnosed 50 year old hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver that can lead to the liver disease and cancer.

Although it is not 100% clear whether the extreme intake of energy drinks and the formation of hepatitis is fully linked, it is worth paying attention to, as another lady was diagnosed with hepatitis after consuming an above average amount of energy drinks per day.

Healthy alternatives to energy drinks, we are going to present you in addition.

  • Coconut water is the ingredient which has natural sugars and they will give you the immediate energy boost.
  • Matcha Green tea contains ingredient which is called L-Theanine which will be your relaxation and maintain a big level of alertness, promoting concentration levels.
  • Honey is a great ingredient which will help you to maintain you energy on a normal level. Ginger, lemon, and cayenne- these three ingredients are all amazing at kick starting your body. Both ginger and lemon act as natural astringents which give your body that energy boost its craving. Cayenne pepper is a fantastic way to kick start your metabolism. Just juice the ginger, squeeze in the lemon juice and add a pinch of cayenne pepper for a morning shot!
  • Banana and wheatgrass smoothie- bananas are a sweet, natural carbohydrate high in energy and fiber to keep you going throughout your morning. By adding wheatgrass to your banana smoothie, you’ll add even more of an energy boost as it provides your body with an insane amount of vitamins and nutrients as well as building red blood cells to transfer oxygen throughout the body. More oxygen means more energy for your body to keep going!

A lot of people and experts have proved that you can improve your heath so you won’t have side effect.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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