7 Tips to Improve Your Eyesight FAST!

In the recent time the eyesight deterioration and strain was caused by the aging. Nowadays, there are a lot of factors which have influence on this problem.

As a result of the influence of these factors is weak eyesight and alarming pace.

And this is bad, because the people of 35 years struggle with the problems that once were noticed in the human old 75 years.

In case you think that there is nothing to be done, you shouldn’t lose faith, because in this post we are going to preset you 7 exercises which are going to help you to improve your eyesight.

  1. The pencil Trick

One research from the Middle East African journal of ophthalmology present one great exercise. You need to take off your glasses. Take a pencil and hold it in front of the eyes. And change the position of the pencils, but with the eyes follow it.

You need to do this exercise 10 minutes every day.

  1. Writing on the wall

Place your face looking on the wall. The chair need to be apart. You will move only your eyes and trace a word on the wall using the imaginary ink.

  1. Sunning

The sunning process is going to be the most powerful when you can see it from Earth- the sun.

You will go outside on a sunny day and face with the solar friend. You will close the eyes and will let the sunlight to fall directly on the eyes for 5 minutes. Due this process you shouldn’t wear contacts.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba Supplements

Today, researchers know that ginkgo biloba improves eye health by boosting blood circulation and repairing oxidation damage to the body. You can buy ginkgo biloba in the form of supplements. The standard 120 mg daily dose will repair eyesight just fine.

  1. Vitamin E

You need to consume vitamin E, and you need to use it like an antioxidant. The most of the vitamin E is contained into the almonds. You need to make your own almond milk.

  1. Fennel seed

Take one cup each of almonds and fennel seeds. Toss them both into your blender and blend into a fine powder. Eat one tablespoon of this powder daily before bed, followed by a glass of warm milk. Do this for a minimum of 40 days.

  1. Indian Gooseberry

This ingredient is great for strengthening your eyes. It is rich in vitamin C and powerful antioxidant capabilities.

You will use it for the eyes, and you will turn it in a powder.

You shall mix two teaspoons in the powder with water and honey. You will use it daily for couple of months.

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