5 Reasons Why You Need To STOP Drinking Weight Loss Shakes

A lot of Americans are nonstop working, and they don’t have free time for exercise. They are working, then go to pick up their children from school, and they don’t have free time, because they are tired.

So they don’t have time to cook some healthy food, and they are buying from grocery something so they could eat. In this post we are going to present you that you need to stop drinking the shakes you do in the morning.

In addition we are going to present you some reasons why you need to stop drinking weight loss shakes.

  1. They are loaded with added sugar

You need to know that there are many meal replacement shakes that are very delicious. From mint chocolate chip to birthday cake, they have label with low calorie stamped on the front.

The meal replacement shakes are loaded with sugars which can cause moodiness, dips in energy levels, inflammation and weight gain.

  1. They are full of artificial ingredients

A lot of bottled meal replacement are high in processed ingredients and they include:

  • Refined vegetable oils – Many shakes contain canola oil or corn oil, which promote inflammation.
  • Preservatives – Thickeners and preservatives, such as maltodextrin, are common ingredients in meal-replacement shakes. They can lead to blood sugar spikes.
  • Colors and Flavors – Many shakes contain artificial colors and flavors, along with artificial sweeteners which have been linked to problems, such as weight gain and headaches.
  1. They can cause inflammation and indigestion

The drinks which are high in sugar will make difficult inflammation and indigestion. A lot of studies are linked with increased inflammation and dental decay, hormone fluctuation.

  1. The vitamins and minerals are synthetic

The bottle promise you a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, you are not getting it.  Many meal-replacement shakes do contain vitamins and minerals, but they are harmful in your organism.

  1. They don’t help with weight loss

In case you are using them for weight loss you might stop with them, because they will not help you with losing weight, but with gaining.

You need to skip the meals in order to drink these shakes, but that will leave you deprive, restricted and with low energy.

In addition to this post we need to tell you the alternatives to meal- replacement shakes

  • Homemade Green Smoothie – Keep a homemade green smoothie handy. You’ll be getting your fill of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies without any artificial ingredients.
  • Pureed Healthy Soups – To get your share of fiber, veggies and herbs, try a healthy soup. It’s filling, easy to digest and it can be frozen for future use.
  • Plant-Based Protein Powder – If you want to drink a shake for protein, stick to a plant-based powder made from pea protein or hemp protein. Make sure it’s free of GMO’s and other harmful ingredients.

Source: www.davidwolfe.com

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