15 Foods To Do And Don’t Eat On An Empty Stomach

A lot of experts knows that the breakfast is the most important mail in the day. It needs to contain the ingredients which are needed for the day.

You need to choose the proper ingredient, and they need to be healthy because they will keep the rhythm due the day.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the 15 foods that you shouldn’t consume it on an empty stomach and some that you need to:

  1. Do-eggs

Eggs are great source of protein and the nutrients which are going to keep your organism right. They will also reduce the daily intake of calories.

  1. Do-watermelon

They are great with water and lycopene which will help you in improving our eye vision.

  1. Do- oatmeal

This is one of the best breakfast in the morning. They will provide you the needed ingredients for your daily obligations.

  1. Do-blueberries

They are rich in nutrients and will keep you blood pressure in normal. Also will boost your metabolism and improve memory, focus and concentration.

  1. Do- cornmeal porridge

This is perfect meal because it will detox your body and eliminate the heavy metals and toxins from the body.  You will get great numerous nutrients and will boosts the energy levels/

  1. Do- Honey

In case you start your day with honey you have done the best thing in your life. It will make you more focused and productive due the day.

  1. Do-Buckwheat

This is high minerals and vitamin, especially iron and will boost metabolism.

  1. Do-Nuts

The consumption of nuts for breakfast r4egulates the pH levels in the stomach and will help digestion.

  1. Don’t citrus fruits

These fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are great in vitamin c but you will make a mistake in case you use them for breakfast.

  1. Don’t spicy food

They are bed for the organism and for your overall health.

  1. Don’t banana

If you eat bananas on a completely empty stomach for breakfast, you will boost the magnesium levels in your blood, and thus lead to heart issues. So bananas aren’t the best standalone breakfast choice and we recommend you to take it along with nuts, blueberries, or honey.

  1. Don’t sodas and carbonated beverages

Soda is bad for the organism in the morning, because they are high in sugar and will slow down the metabolism and lead to bloating.

  1. Don’t green vegetables

Green vegetables are not the best choice for breakfast as well, as they are abundant in amino acids which cause heartburn and flatulence. Moreover, they can also irritate the stomach and lead to abdominal pain.

  1. Don’t tomatoes

Tomatoes have tannic acid which irritates the stomach and may lead to gastric ulcers and heartburn, so make sure you postpone their consumption until lunch.

  1. Don’t pear

Pears are crude fiber but it will cause you a stomachache and will damage the mucous membrane.

Source: www.dietoflife.com

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