7 Herbs Which You Can Grow Inside During the Winter

Winter is the time when the people are very excited about the Christmas, and they spent time with their family and making the snowmen.

Winter is the time when the people are together.

It sounds magical. But in winter all of the plants are dead, and you think you can’t make your order colorful again.

In this post we are going to present you how you can grow plants again, in your home.

In addition we are going to present you different herbs which will match perfectly in your home, but they will grow in winter.

  1. Basil: the warmth of the home will be increased when you will see this plant next to your window. You will have fresh basil in your home, you need to add some basil seeds in a pot and place it in your kitchen. Enjoy due the weekend.
  2. Chives: Chives are very simple to grow home. They will survive in the cold, long lasting winters. You need to clump of the chives in a pot and place them in a cooler place in the home.
  3. Oregano: No one hates oregano, this is the reason why we are presenting you to grow it in your home. You need to find a tip from oregano grown outdoors and place it in a pot next to the other herbs.
  4. Rosemary: Everyone loves rosemary. Root a rosemary in a soilless mix and plant it in a pot. Your friend will be jealous to you, so you can teach them too.
  5. Thyme: You can put your outdoor plant or you can cut the soft tip of the thyme and pot it once it roots. They will grow perfectly in your home, and it is a sun lover, so you will also place it on the kitchen window.
  6. Parsley: this is one of the most used plants, ever. You will not make a mistake in case you have it in your home. During the winter is almost impossible to find fresh parsley. This is reason plus to take care of it in your home.

You can grow it from seeds or plant a clump dug up from your garden.

  1. Bay: In case you grow this plant, it will grow perfectly so the air will be great. It doesn’t ask for a lot of light, and it is very simple to observe.

You can also decorate your pots with different colors. So they will look more alive, and it will be relaxing to watch.

In addition we are going to present you the planting process.

  • Start with the collection of all necessary products. You need to buy the seeds, in case you can’t find them in the stores, you can order them online.
  • In case you have already decorated your pots, and ready to be used, start fill them with soil. You will fill ¾ inch gravel at every bottom and they add the rest of the soil.
  • You will dig a hole so you will place the root of the plant. Press the soil around.
  1. You shall never overwater the plant, because it is going to ruin the plant.
  2. You need to avoid letting the plants unattended. If you see dry soil, yellow and wilt leaves, eliminate them.
  3. Gather all the information about the properties of every plant you are growing inside.
  4. You can’t pull all the plants in one pot. Every plant need their own place.

Source: www.dietoflife.com

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