10 Strange Sex Rituals Around the World

By the time in the past sex always had special place in every religion and it presents one of the necessary things in every relationship.

But, every religion had a different sex traditions and rituals, and in this posts we are going to present you the 10 craziest of them.   You will laugh for sure.

  1. Teen girls un Cambodia are allowed t have sex with everyone until they found their Mr. Right. The most outrageous practice has been adults or the parents building love huts for their teenage daughters.
  2. Sex is made while wearing underwear. In Beag. This is because of the rituals that they have in the island.
  3. Teen boys can have sex with older women. The boys, who are 13 or 14, will have sex with older women in order to have better experience. They will learn how to please their partners.
  4. Boys and girls drink the semen of the mightiest warriors in New Guinea.
    Boys and girls of the Sambian tribe of New Guinea, from the age of seven to ten years, have to go through various rituals in order to separate the boys from the girls. During this period, both undergo piercing and they also have to drink the semen of the mightiest warriors in the kingdom.
  5. In Indonesia there are partners who are together but they please their self with anyone other but their partner. The only rule is that they need to have sex with the same person every time to bring good luck.
  6. There’s a ‘No Sex Day’ in South Africa.
    A South African community that is polygamous, practices a ritual of having no sex in a day. The community follows this rule to prevent having frequent intercourse in one day. Also, they avoid sex during a storm or after having a bad dream.
  7. Pharaohs ejaculated into the river Nile in Egypt.
    Some sects in Egypt believed that the earth was produced from the ejaculation of Atum, the God of creation. They thought that the flow of the Nile was due to Atum’s ejaculation. In order to maintain the flow, Egyptian pharaohs ritually masturbated and ejaculated into the Nile.
  8. In Austria women are applying apple slices from their armpits to the man that they will choose. After a few hours of dancing, they offer a slice of apple to the man of their choice. If he takes it and eats it, they can have sex.
  9. Women can have sex with the brother of her husband. This is allowed in the Himalayas. This practice is to prevent their lands from being divided among their sons.
  10. Women dedicate themselves to fertility gods in Asia.
    This is a common practice in India and other Asian countries. The practice involves a woman dedicating herself to the fertility gods and goddesses; then they satisfy the priest and sometimes the devotees too. The ritual, in some sense, is known as sacred prostitution, as sex takes place in the name of god and rituals.

These were the craziest 10 sex rituals. Are those seemed normal to you?

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