Shocking: Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Nearly 100 Popular Shampoo Brands

We are all aware of the presence of the toxins and bacteria in the space around us. But, you need to be careful about the presence of the toxins in the shampoo that you are buying.

Toxins are found there too. A lot of shampoo brands are containing very harmful toxins.  The toxins found in the shampoo are carcinogenic which will contribute the failure and endocrine problems.

Last studies discovered that more than 100 bands are not honest with us and sale their shampoo filled with toxins.

It has been proved that 98 brands are sailing their product knowing that they are filled with carcinogenic ingredients and toxins.

Nevertheless, when they were filed by the Center for Environmental Health after discovering cocamide DEA, these companies faced massive implications for their actions. Namely, it is illegal (Proposition 65) for manufacturers to utilize certain substances and not warn their consumers about them and their effects.

The chemicals in the shampoos and foam stabilizer, together with the volumizer are carcinogenic.

The list of these famous brands includes Colgate, Palmolive, Paul Mitchell, Prell, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kohl’s and many others.

The worst thing is that also carcinogenic ingredients are added into the children’s hygiene products. Until now, regarding the fact that the lawsuit was launched last year, only three companies have committed to reformulate their products.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the negative effects of these chemicals, and search a better alternative for them.

Therefore, in order to protect your own health, you must be aware of what you are putting in your mouth and on your body. This means that you should cautiously choose which hygienic products to purchase in the future.

You need to take care of your money, and they shouldn’t be spent on chemicals which are going to develop cancer.

You can find a full list of all 98 suspect shampoos here.


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