Top Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating Everyday

We all know that the more acids we have, the more prone to diseases we will be. The best pH level is 7, under 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.

If the body is alkalized, it is in its optimal state and all functions are performed properly, the body is full of energy, and we enjoy our wellbeing.

For best results you must eat various food, which are much healthier and nutrious that the one you are eating, and also these productions will alkalize your body. In addition we are going to show you the best ingredients that will help you to alkalize the body.

Garlic: we all know about its magical properties. It effectively neutralizes the acidity of fish, meat and etc.

Avocados: they effectively neutralizes acidic foods because their pH level is 8.0.

Watermelon: it is full in vitamins and minerals. They are rich in water ans fiber, and their pH level is 9.0.

Papaya: These fruits are high in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and water, and it effectively detoxifies the body and helps digestion.

Broccoli: it is very reach in vitamins and minerals, fiber and etc, and it will help you for better digestion.

Cayenne Pepper: With a pH of 8.5, cayenne pepper detoxifies the body, lowers blood pressure, improves the blood circulation, and enhancing the function of the brain.


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