Amazing Asian Diet – Lose 3 kg In Only 10 Days!

All Asian woman are skinny and without cellulite. That is because they consume healthy food free of sugar and saturated fats.


They are skinny because one doctor turned the Asian way of nutrition into a diet plan. As we all know, the main ingredient in the Asian women’s diet is rice in combination with fruits and vegetables. Sometime they replace rice with corn, noodles made with integral flour or integral bread. For these figure you shall eat spinach, kale, onion, garlic, carrots, salad every day.

Once a week you shall allow to eat eggs, candies and poultry meat. Once in a moth, you could eat red meat, but it is recommended that you eat veal, beef and rarely pork. Try to eat the allowed ingredients in quantities that will satisfy your appetite.

Suggestion menu for the Asian diet:


A cup of unsweetened green tea with lemon and cooked millet in skimmed milk


Chopped fruit in low-caloric yogurt. It is recommended to eat an orange or a grapefruit and green tea.


The first option is integral rice combined with cooked vegetables and tomato sauce. Another option is chicken and baked potato spiced up with vinegar and lemon.


A cup of green tea, chamomile tea or skimmed milk. Those who cannot quench hunger, can eat another orange or grapefruit.


Chicken meat chopped in tiny cubes, in combination with broccoli or another green vegetable. You can prepare the chicken on a little bit of oil and spice it up with a little bit of seasonal mix and lemon.

Dinner number 2:

For those who go to bed late: A cup of milk or tea.



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