10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

Last researches has showed that cancer in most of the cases can be prevented, Doctors claim that cancer can be prevented as a result of good diet and healthy food. Because of that we are going to tell you the foods that you should avoid:


  1. BPA- lined cans (toxic substance which was found in plastic. It can cause cancer, diabetes and obesity)
  2. Processed and smoked foods (these ingredients are transformed into N-nitroso compounds which were connected with various types of cancer.)
  3. Farmed fish (They are sources of dangerous toxins and chemicals such as carcinogen. Fish are injected with antibiotics to keep them free from diseases. They also can be treated with pesticides as well.)
  4. GMO products (There’s almost no way of knowing if the product is GMO or not, and in many countries companies are not obliged to label their products as GMO.)
  5. Grilled meat (Beside that it’s delicious it has its own disadvantages. One of them is causing cancer. It can happen during meat is on the fire, the smoke is allowing the PHAs to stick to the food and increase cancers’ risk.)
  6. Non organic food and vegetables ( These fruits are grown with pesticides, herbicides, and GMO seeds which can increase the risk of  cancer)
  7. Refined sugar( It was found to cause health problem such as blood issues, low HDL cholesterol levels, increased risk of heart diseases and etc).
  8. Sodas\Sport drinks (These drinks offer no nutritional value and contain high levels of corn syrup, sugar, dye and brominated vegetable oil. They are not healthy at all – they rob your body of vitamins and minerals).
  9. Sugar (In order to survive, cancer cells feed on sugar, so people suffering from it should avoid sugar in their diet. Eating a balanced diet full with fruit is far better for your body.)
  10. Microwave popcorn (When you prepare the popcorn, some chemicals leech into them and contaminate your blood after consumption. PFOAs have been linked to tumors in animal organs .)

Source: healthylifestory.net

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