Do Your Fingernails Look Abnormal? Here’s What It Means

Unusual shape of some parts of our body shows up that something is wrong with us.

  • If you nails are weak or splitting?

There are several reasons behind this, some of them are:

  • Aging
  • Harsh acrylic nails
  • Abrasive gel wraps
  • Strong manicures

Best way to stop this is not going to a nail polish salon.

Nail-FungusIf you have discolored nails cam mean anything from following issues:

  • You are too fond of dark nail polish
  • You have fungal problems
  • It is a sign of psoriasis
  • You smoke cigarettes

Other colors can include:

Green– an infection, typically from bacteria

White – hepatitis or other liver disease

Blue – low level of oxygen in the blood

Red– heart valve infection

Do you have pitted nails?

Holes or dips on your nails? Meaning of this is that you always bang up your hands.


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