11 Years Old Girl Became Millionaire By Producing Homemade Lemonade

Unbelievably intelligent 11 years old Texas girl, just made deal with 55 stores on Whole Foods worth 11 $ million for sale her brand lemonade.


Mika Ulmer’s BeeSweet lemonade is going to be sold in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and in Louisiana.

Mika gain 60.000 $ investments for beginning, when, she showed on reality show Shark Tank on ABC, where were competing several innovators with their innovations, with hope that they are going to win the investments.

After the show, she served her lemonade to Barack Obama, like a part of the campaign of Google ‘’Dare to be Digital’’ and won a lot of awards for food and  entrepreneurship.

Her lemonade is made by the recipe with menthol, linseed and honey, which she inherited by her great-grandmother and part of her productions she is donating to foundations which are protecting the bees.

Mika won the award for the idea BeeSweet only when she was 4 years old, after she had two bites by bee.


‘’ The pain was really big I I was so scared from the bees’’ – said Mika.

But after that she began to research about bees, something strange happen to her- She was impressed by them. Then she started a plan with which she can use the recipe from her great-grandma for the perfect lemonade and to collect money to help the bees.

Ulmer is now a bee ambassador as well as a humanitarian, donating a percentage of her profits to several organizations as stated on the website: Heifer International,Texas Beekeepers Association, and Sustainable Food Center of Austin.

Not only does Ulmer serve organizations in her community and beyond, she also serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs of her age group.

At first, they didn’t believe me” she told NBC BLK of her friends.

Now I am helping my friends start their own businesses.”

If you want to see Mika’s interview, watch the video below:

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