Warning: Stop Using Garlic If You Are in These 6 Types of People

Garlic has been primarily known as an herb used for giving the food distinctive flavor. However, over the years, it has become more and more used as a medicine for prevention and treating a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.


Even thought extremely healthy, there are people who should not consume garlic.

Those people are people from the following groups:

People who have liver problems

garlic is known for its antibacterial and antiviral effects and that is why some people consume it order to prevent hepatitis. Moreover, people who already suffer from hepatitis consume it daily in order to cure this disease. However, people should know that garlic cannot be used for treating hepatitis or for killing the virus.

Garlic contains certain substances that can cause stimulation on the stomach and the intestines, and this can stop the secretion of digestive juice in the intestinal tract, and impact the digestion of food. This can lead to worsening of the symptoms in hepatitis patients, including nausea.

Furthermore, excessive use of garlic can lead to anemia as well, because garlic contains some ingredients that decrease the number of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin.

People suffering from non-bacterial diarrhea

patients that suffer from diarrhea should not eat raw garlic, because its spicy taste can trigger the intestines and thus cause intestinal mucosal hyperemia and edema worsening, and worsen the general condition as well.

If one suffers from diarrhea, they should be careful with the consumption of garlic.

People with eye diseases

patients who have troubles with their general health state, especially with their eyes should avoid garlic consumption. Even the Chinese traditional medicine advises people to avoid frequent consumption of garlic in large amounts for a longer period of time, because it may cause liver damage and damage to the eyes. It can also cause tinnitus, hypopsia, memory loss, front heaviness etc.

Patients before surgery

if a person needs to undergo a surgery, they should stop consuming garlic for minimum two weeks prior to the surgery. The reason for this is the fact that garlic consumption can prolong the bleeding.

Pregnant women and women breastfeeding

if consumed in small, regular amounts as a food additive, garlic is safe to be consumed even during pregnancy. There is no sufficient scientific evidence about how safe it is to use garlic on the skin if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding. That is why, the safest way for you would be to avoid using garlic in medicinal doses during the pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding.

People with low blood pressure

it is a well-known fact that garlic has the ability to lower the blood pressure. That is why people who already have low blood pressure should avoid garlic consumption because it may lower their pressure even more and make it too low.

Source: www.healthylifevision.com/



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