WHAT TO READ THE DECLARATIONS: Here’s How To Recognize That The Meat Is Carcinogenic!!!

Are we meat, sausages, bacon, sausages, pates or food from us the true oncologic patients?

Since the World Health Organization announced that these foods can cause cancer, anxiety has been in every house!

To you know what to buy, take a magnifying glass to start the store (joke is, but only in part, because the letters on the label really too small).

Then remember these helpful tips doctor of veterinary medicine Miroslav Stojšića, a former federal veterinary inspector.

Of utmost importance is that we read the declaration. The first reason not to buy sausages, hot dogs and salami is if the declaration is indicated by MSM. This means that meat separisani machine and grind the bones, which are deposited all antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals and other poisons that the animal ate during their lifetime.

The same is true when the declaration find emulsifier is nitrite, which are labeled E249, E250, E251 and E252.

Are harmful because the amino acids from meat produce carcinogenic nitrosamine compound. Immediately back on the shelf, sausages, hot dogs, salami and pate if you’re on the declaration noted that polyphosphates are marked E451, E452 and E453 as genotoxic or popularly told, damage our genes.

Take special care not to eat any products containing E407, as it marks the carrageenan. He sticks to the walls of the intestine, creating sores that later can turn into cancer of the colon – warns the expert.

He adds that if you read some of the products contains flavor enhancer – glutamate, it is proof that there is no meat.

Everything I have said applies to permanent and semi-permanent meat products. When the meat is concerned, if you buy, for example, pork chops, pay attention to whether the meat is streaked with veins of fat or not. If so, these animals are not so badly fed. If there is not an ounce of white fat, and guides leaking from it, the evidence is that the pigs, with food, received growth hormone and antibiotics. Storing meat should be so it does not stick.

In this mass of burnt meat appears compound dioxin, which is a carcinogen. It is best to cook it, bake shrouded in foil in the oven or Teflon, oil, and can and electric grill. If someone really likes the smell of smoke, it can burn the meat and grilled on charcoal.

In doing so to ensure that the meat is placed on the grid when coal ceases to smoke and when to create a strong zeal – explains Dr. Stojšić and concludes that children certainly should not be given products, especially not pates and sausages.

Finally, the pate with a little effort you can make yourself!

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